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Finally getting New Tyres Fitted

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Hi Guys

Following on from my Topic regarding new tyres for my 2008 Mk3 Honda CRV Exec 4 + 4.

I have finally decided to bite the bullet and have four new Royal Black Sport 225/60R18 Tyres fitted this week.

Its a minefield trying to choose which tyres are suitable for your Vehicle, how you want to use them and Tyre Value as everyone appears to have a different preference on the choice of tyre they want.

I chose the Royal Black Sport as its suits the purpose and requirements that I personally need for my motoring journeys.

They are a good priced tyre at £ 81.98 each including vat, fitting and balancing and I was convinced after seeing the Google reviews on Tyre Seeker which if anyone is interested is well worth reading about this make of Tyre.

I will update the Forum Members after I have had them on my CRV for about a month to check out the Tyres.

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I had the same problem when I bought my CRV different make tyres with different tread patterns which according to my car mechanic Son was the cause twitching on the Steering and not a comfortable ride, I have already noticed the difference after having the new tyres fitted, steering is a lot better, more quieter comfortable ride , I chose the Royal Black Sport tyres which suited my driving purpose of the Honda. I will give an update in a few weeks time.


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So promised update on the Royal Black Sport tyres fitted to my CRV, They are certainly giving a much more comfortable ride even with all the Pot Holes we all are suffering from Mr Sunak, and after having a new rear wheel bearing fitted this week  even better positive steering ,with no slight wandering which was caused I believe by having two different makes and tyres treads fitted by the previous owner when bought the car.  So in my opinion, Yes they seem to be a very good tyre for the money regarding Steering, Road Handling and comfort, the three most important things that I personally needed. That's all for now Folks.

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Sold to the old bloke with the dog! As I'm in the same boat has you were four different make of tyre on my CRV and only doing around 3000 miles a year I will certainly be getting these fitted, around here they are £90 each so a good saving.

Pot Holes in Fenland are nearly big enough to be classed as swimming pools, not only dangerous but it's casuses people to drive towards the centre of the road so another danger losing your wing mirror or  worse,.

Mr Sunak and the rest don't seem to care about anything for the noraml hard working people, the only time they are sorry is when they get caught out over something and then its only sorry for getting found out....

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