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CR-V Automatic - Starter and Gearbox Problems


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Hi All,


I have recently bought a 2007 CR-V Automatic with 118,000 miles on the clock and have two problems that I would like some advice on please.


When starting from cold the starter motor makes a noise. I think it is at the stage when the engine has just started and the motor is disengaging.  Is this something I should worry about and have fixed or should I just leave it?


The automatic gearbox is occasionally behaving oddly.  (I am pretty sure it is the gearbox.)  It makes a noise that I can only describe as being like running over a gentle rumble strip.  It only happens briefly so I am not sure whether it is actually vibrating or just making a noise.  It happens at between 30 and 40 mph.  I only do about 2,000 miles a year so unless I take it out specifically to check it, it could be some while before I can pin it down any further.


Any advice on either of these issues would be much appreciated.


Many thanks.







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