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Honda CRV 2007 - Power Steering Pipes Leaking


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The garage has just checked a leak in my power steering and informed me that he cant get the parts due to the age of my vehicle. He suggested I use Google or ask on a forum, so here I am! Can anyone suggest a supplier? It’s a Honda CRV 2007 diesel, I’ve tried Google but I’m not sure what I’m looking for. The mechanic said it was the steel power steering pipes that feed the steering rack which have corroded.  Is there anyone on here who could offer some advice? I’m wondering if it’s time to go car shopping but I love my Honda! Thanks in advance 

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I had the same problem a couple of months ago, the garage voiced exactly the problems to me. Fortunately one of the mechanics working there was a time served honda mechanic prior to working at my local general garage and having checked the diagnosis and found it to be a regular fault on the return hydraulic pipe, therefore low pressure he said that he had delt with the problem many times and declared it to be a 30 minute job to fix on a permanent basis . He simply sleeved the pipe with heavy duty rubber hose and fixed it in place covering the whole steel pipe and securing it with six jubilee type hose clamps.

This will only work on the low pressure pipe which he said was the usual one to fail at the front drivers corner where it is fitted around the corner of the sump. In all the weather and road spray. 

Hope that this helps.

Dan Reeves 

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Thanks for that Dan, the mechanic said it was the steel part that had gone so I’m not sure that fix would work for me. I’ve taken some photo’s of parts found online and will call in at the garage to make sure they’re the right ones. Cheers

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