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Honda Service and Parts Availability

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Hi, I am newbie to the site and have been a dedicated user of Honda products from 1980 when I purchased my first, a Honda Lawnmower. I was so pleased with the product and its functionality , I thought there must be something behind the tales about Honda  brilliant engineering and customer service. Since then i have bought yet another lawnmower, 2 Civics a 2.2L Diesel and the 1.6L Diesel and 3 CRV's 2 x 2.2L Diesel and one 2020 AWD Hybrid EX . Apart from the Hybrid they have all been excellent.

I purchased the latest 2020 CRV Hybrid in 2021 as an ex demonstrator which had 3000 miles on the clock and came with 29 months of the 3 year warranty remaining plus a 5 year dealer Service Plan, the 3 year Warranty ran out in September 2023. 

In December 2023 I was returning home when the SATNAV display packed up. The driving conditions where very poor and rainy. Next time I started the car everything was fine except the Collision/Radar warning light was on. The handbook said I should have the Radar  sensor behind the grille checked. When I looked at this there was a collection of leaves and rubbish trapped, so I cleaned all this and next time I tried it, everything worked. As the next service was due in January 2024 and the car was behaving itself I thought I would leave it till then, having totally forgotten that the warranty had expired and I had not taken out an extended warranty! The car now had 19000 miles on the clock, which in my tiny mind, as it was a Honda was insignificant. In January (23rd) the car had been booked in for its annual service. In the beginning of the month my wife took the car out and ALL the dash warning lights came on and the car lost its braking power. The Honda franchised dealer I had purchased the car from said they would not be able to do anything with the car until my Service Slot scheduled for 23, January so my car sat in the drive . On Monday January 15th I called the AA Honda breakdown service who confirmed the brake failure and took it to the Dealer I had purchased it from. Due to their Heavy workload/shortage of staff they were unable to look at the car and advised me that the diagnosis activity required  could cost me  a £114 per hour as the warranty had expired. It was not until the following Thursday that the fault was diagnosed as the Pedal Pressure Simulator, part of the regenerative braking in the Powertrain? I was also advised at the time that a replacement part would NOT be available until the 8th of  March. Having browsed the net I found mentions of this failure on other 2020 Honda's in the US, and I believe a group of CRV owners have started a case based on LEMON LAW. I have spent a considerable amount of my time raising my problem with Honda and its associates (including the European General manager). Who are frankly not interested. My interactions with the Honda Customer Care staff have frankly been a total waste of time and result in platitudes and no actual help. It is interesting to note that the later ranges of Honda Hybrid vehicles have warranties almost as good as the Korean and US brands.



Don broadband 

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