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Honda CR-V EX i-VTEC automatic - Battery/ AFS/ Heated Seat


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Hello all,

I have a Honda CR-V EX i-VTEC automatic, model year 2007.

Last month, my car failed to start when I turned on the engine. It seems the battery had a dead cell and was replaced under warranty.

A week later, the car failed to start again! I called RAC, who conducted a battery test and found no issues. They jump-started the car for me, and I was able to take it to the garage, where they confirmed that the battery is healthy and did not show any drops.


This morning, my car failed to start once more (Second time since changing battery). It has been 9 days since RAC jump-started it, and my new battery is flat.

When I turn off the car, I first switch off the headlights, then turn off the engine. I ensure that no lights are visible when the car is locked.

The glove compartment does not have a light, nor does the boot, so I am clueless.

Has anyone experienced their battery being drained like this before?

The next step would be a parasitic draw test, but I can only do this on the 15th.

Are there any DIY troubleshooting steps I can take?


Update: I got my car started and fully charged. I went to test blue tooth and it didn't work. So I assumed i don't have blue tooth module. 

This morning, after parkin up at work I pressed the voice button, and to my surprise it made a noise and then I said English, and it returned a command! 
So it looks like, yesterday the Bluetooth Module failed to turn on, but this morning it worked?! 

I have checked YouTube, but do not know how to remove this Bluetooth add in. 


Regarding AFS, when I go over bumps my AFS switches on. 
Heated seats, driving seat does not work, but the light on the switch turns on. Is this an element that needs replacing?

Right front bumper parking sensor. on the plastic cover, it's scratched up so I imagine the scratches are interpreted as objects. Can this plastic lens be replaced?


Thanks, Mo

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Regarding the parasitic draw: 


Last month, I disconnected the Hands Free Bluetooth by taking off the cover and unplugging the grey cable. This is located on the driver side panel. 


My battery died the following morning. 


Gave my car to the local garage on the 4th of May. It has done me well as I am walking 1 hour every day (commute). However the garage is still doing their tests.


I needed the car on 10/04 and drove it to see that the inside temperature was getting really hot. I tried turning on the fan and it did not work. Looks like they disabled the fan and exhaust system. 


I called today 12/04/2024 and the mechanic said it is in the workshop (again!) 


I understand these things take time, but I thought it was simple as hooking up a multi-meter and pulling out fuses. 


Once this battery drain is sorted, I think I will take my car to a Honda garage, or honda specialist for the AFS and heated seats issue. 

Also, the right hand side parking sensor is scratched, this is easily replacable and the units are cheap on amazon. 

I hope to update you all. 



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