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Honda civic electrical issues

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I am at a total loss with what to do with my 2012 Civic 1.8, I love driving it but it is has a fault that I'm really struggling to chase.
When driving intermittently the indicators will fail and not work, at this point the washer fluid pumps fail and potentially a load of other electrical issues that i have not identified yet. The biggest issue that i face is that then when trying to restart the car the immobiliser light starts flashing and the car does not turn over.
Things that i have tried -
  • Plugging it into a diagnostics computer where absolutely zero faults appear (this leads me to think that theres an ECU issue.
  • Checking the grounding of the fuses of the MICU using a multimeter. Several fuses are not grounded (I'm not sure if they are supposed to be) and several fuses (such as the washer pump) are poorly grounded - with a reading of about 0.5 rather than 0.01.
  • Totally removed the MICU to check for corrosion or damage - all appears fine.
  • I have taken the car to an Auto-Electrician who by the time they got to the car it was all fine and no issues could be traced.
Thank you for reading and if anyone has any suggestions or has experienced similar faults i would love to hear them please.
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