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  1. Hi Alan With Extended Warranties, I would ask them for a list of what is covered or more importantly what is not covered. I use to work as a service advisor for Skoda and the list of things that weren't covered was staggering. I look after a Genuine Honda Parts website so if you do need anything take a look or send an enquiry if you can't find what you looking for - We beat main dealers https://www.hondadirectparts.co.uk/ Thanks
  2. Thought it best to make a new post, We supply Genuine Honda Parts cheaper than main dealers. We also have an exclusive offer for members so make sure to use your discount code. Send an enquiry on our site or post on here - remember we will need the Reg/ VIN to get the right part so maybe an enquiry through the site is best. https://www.hondadirectparts.co.uk
  3. Hi Everyone, I have just joined the site for a website I look after. We supply Genuine Honda Parts at hugely discounted rates. (A lot cheaper than the main dealers) Anyway, we have agreed to give all members an Exclusive Offer, Free Shipping on all orders over £50. Use code OwnerClubMemberFS I will be here to answer any questions and find any specific Parts/Accessories you need. The website is https://www.hondadirectparts.co.uk - ask me on here or send an enquiry on the page for any part you need. Don't be afraid to ask I don't bite. Thanks, Everyone Lee - Honda Direct Parts
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