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  1. Hi @iceman2010 I had this a couple of years ago. If I recall correctly it's the one marked number 11 on the parts diagram. (That site is useful to keep as it has loads of parts diagrams) I think that was the original part number, however I believe they changed it from black to red/orange at one point to improve it. I think, again from memory, the replacement part number is 91345-RDA-A01. I think that's the main one. There is also another one on the other side which is 91370-SV4-000. I think I had both o-rings changed at the same time but have read elsewhere
  2. It's probably a bit late for you now, but I had exactly the same problem and posted quite a lot of info in my thread a couple of months earlier:
  3. I'm not sure about wiring diagrams but you can usually find the parts diagrams on some honda parts websites e.g. Lings Honda Parts There's another one Honda Spare Parts Catalogue Then there's the official Honda workshop manual which you can buy access to on a PAYG basis. It's not cheap though - Maintenance and Repair Information System (MaRIS) Hope this helps
  4. I've had brake binding issues. My mechanic advised me to replace the calliper with a reconditioned one rather than to try to service the calliper as the labour involved in trying to fix up the existing caliper wouldn't be worth it. Either way that seems to have solved the problem. Calliper replacement was eventually done on both wheels. In this case it wasn't the handbrake sticking. Just thinking aloud here - could the overheating brakes had damaged the sensor for VSA? Or perhaps its the faulty VSA which is causing the brakes to lock up and overheat?
  5. Just to update everyone, after a lot of research it turns out that there aren't any options for the catalytic converter. I ordered the EuroFlo. When it arrived, alongside the EuroFlo label it was also marked with the equivalent AS model number, which I take to mean that EuroFlo and AS are selling exactly the same product under different model numbers. There is also a 'Vegas' branded exhaust on the market on some European sites and from looking at the picture I suspect that too is identical. I contacted HJS who said they don't make the exhaust for this model. Meanwhile Genuine Ho
  6. Hello I have a 2006 FR-V, 2.0l petrol. I have had to disconnect the battery to prevent it from being drained during the weeks that we are not using the car whilst waiting for an insurance claim and subsequent repair job to source replacement parts, etc. Is there anything I will likely need to do after reconnecting it, besides from resetting the time on the clock? I'm thinking in terms of security systems, radio codes, remote control pairing for the alarm/immobiliser etc? Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer on this
  7. Thanks for your thoughts on this. Neither Eurocarparts nor GSF are showing the products on their website. The EuroFlo-branded catalytic converter is sold via Marathon Warehouse Distributers, for example one of the garages who are selling it online is InTown Automotive / Online Automotive which is a garage in Northampton. I hope it's a reputable company but I was hoping someone might find this message who has fitted one to their car could share their experience.
  8. Thanks for replying. Why wouldn't you be able to publish it here? Is it simply because the site is down now and we physically don't have a copy - or there is too much information to upload in one go i.e. it would be too time consuming?
  9. Hi Trevor Thanks very much for your reply, I appreciate. I am worried about two things: 1. catalytic converter theft 2. theft of the whole vehicle - a couple of years ago a flatbed transit van came with a makeshift a-frame, just lifted up a 15 year old car and took it away... and that was the last that was seen of it.
  10. I hope this post is allowed here. Just wondering if anyone else is missing the H-Tune forums (which formerly had several different names). There was a wealth of technical information posted on there especially for some of the more rare models and I haven't found any other site that has quite the same level of engagement, community or information. Any ideas if it is likely to make a comeback or any other sites with similar levels of technical information on the less common models? Thanks!
  11. Hello I have a 2006 Honda FR-V, 2.0L petrol. Wondering if it's possible to get an aftermarket tilt sensor added to the standard fit alarm system, where could I get it from and how much it would cost? Thanks for any advice/suggestions
  12. Hello Unfortunately I've recently had my catalytic converter stolen from a 2006, 2.0L petrol FR-V. They also made a mess of the floor when they jacked it up 😠. Anyway looking to try to repair it and I'm wondering if the cheapest catalytic converter (seems to be made by EuroFlow) is up to the job? And there seems to be several brands of sensors - FuelParts, Cambiare, Blue Print. Just wondering if anyone has any experience with these? Does the Euroflow exhaust work well with the FuelParts sensors? Is it likely to trigger the engine MIL or MOT failu
  13. I had the same error code come up on my 06-plate FRV. The problem was intermittent, first the engine malfunction indicator light came on for a couple of days, then it went off for a day or so. Then it came back on for about a day, then over the following two weeks it kept going on and off, but each time it came back, it stayed on for less time and the gap between when it went off and when it next came on again increased then it went off and hasn't been seen for several months. Never got to the bottom of it, nor found out where that particular sensor is (apparently there a
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