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FR-V blower issue


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Hi all, my wife has an FR-V which the blower motor packed up on. I tried the regulator first but it turned out the fan was broken so I sourced a replacement which is working. The controls on the dash increase and drop the fan speed fine. The issue is that we're not getting any air out of the screen demist vents or any of the cabin facing vents - sides , middle or downward. 

I've taken the filters out behind the glovebox and am getting good airflow there. I can see the flaps opening when I put the screen fan on and cycling through the downward and forward facing options see the actuators changing. I have spotted 3 of them and all seem to be operating. 


Can anyone tell me how many there are up behind the dash? I'm thinking the next step is to remove the passenger side of the dash (ie glove box) and surround to see what else is up behind it. Is there anything else I'm missing that should be checked first?


Would really appreciate and pointers anyone can give me.




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Not sure if this will help but how long are you waiting to get air out of them?


I've noticed with mine that for the first few minutes after you start the engine there's no airflow through some/all of the vents, I assume it's waiting for the engine/coolant to warm up so that the air will blow out at the specified temperature rather than blow air at the wrong temperature.


There is a button on the controls to demist the windscreen which usually puts the fan on high and makes it blow out immediately.

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I don’t get any air out the vents at all. The blower is working fine but I’m guessing there must be another actuator/flap further up which is blocking the flow. 

My next thought was to more fully dismantle the glove box and surround to see what’s further up there but wanted to see if anyone who knows already could enlighten me before I start that job!

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