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  1. Hi Luke, glad you're getting somewhere. Its the awkward part next, disconnecting the various systems this fuse is running to find the culprit! My monies on the audio system, or something else that needs a permanent live when the cars off...
  2. Hi, I've had a look around and it seems fuse f8 does more than reversing lights. Try turning on everything in turn with that fuse out to see what its protecting... I also had a current drain with the car locked, turns out it was Bluetooth module not shutting down... Does yours have Bluetooth/hft? These are very well known to fail. In the accord the module is right behind and above the centre air vents, don't know if yours will be...
  3. Must of had my led lamps in now for a couple of years, no problems yet. They have an internal fan to help keep the temp down, can just about hear them if turned on with engine off...
  4. Been pulled over once, had a headlight out that must have just gone because it was alright the day before...what are the chances...
  5. Hi, have you driven or been passenger in a car with oversized wheels not designed for it? It usually messes up the ride, handling etc so much you never wished you'd bothered...
  6. Hi all, just want your opinion on led headlight bulbs fitted to cars that came with standard bulbs. I must admit to doing this myself, just for the reason that some cars are a right pain to change bulbs.
  7. Hi Pompey Andy! Am I right thinking you had the 8th gen accord? That's another reason I love the 7th gen, no diesel particle filter, although we do pay more tax because of this... I've changed both rear bearings on mine, as well as sticking rear callipers...d.i.y job though so no big bucks...
  8. Might get one of these for next car, if they're still making them in few years time...
  9. Hi Derkie, glad you're happy with your Jazz! I couldn't drive a car without some form of spare wheel, my accord has a space saver although there seems to be plenty of room there, might measure up and see if I can fit a full size one day... Glad you've bought one though...
  10. Having changed cambelts before I thought chains wouldn't be that much difference, until I looked online.... Sump off, injectors and cover off, crank pulley off, sheesh big job then. Had to phone around few garages to find one that does this...and the one I did wasn't too happy about it!!!
  11. Hi there! I also have joined this site only few days ago. I have the i ctdi as well, very underrated engine in my opinion... I had the timing chain replaced last year as it was noisy, apart from that I've had no engine related troubles what soever, seems to be quite reliable...
  12. Charlie


    I know that the alarm will sound if there is a problem with its backup battery, which is inside the alarm...
  13. You've probably sorted it by now, but I had similar problem. My car would draw 250mA when off and locked...I only noticed as I couldn't use it for a few days as I had sent the abs pump off to be fixed. Car only just started, so I looked into it, for me it was the bluetooth/voice control unit circuit board...wasn't shutting off properly for some reason. Couldn't find a new/used unit for a good price so found the permanent 12v to the board, snipped it and connected to 12v ignition, so only comes on when driving... P.s. the alarm battery backup is inside the alarm itself...
  14. She sell sanctuary by the Cult! And not the slimmed down version, the original 7 minutes!
  15. Charlie

    Car Servicing

    I remember my dad showing me around my first car, all the fluid levels and other bits and bobs...seems like these days you just wait for a warning lamp to come on... Also what's with people that call out the AA or RAC to change a wheel?!
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