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  1. I think that speed enforcement cameras can be distracting. Drivers tend to concentrate more on the speedo than they do on the road ahead as they don't want to get caught speeding. Driving abroad where there aren't so many cameras is far more relaxing - and I still don't go blasting around the place just because there are no cameras. I drive to the road and the conditions I'd be much happier if motorway speed limits were increased though, and less of those not-so-smart motorway camera zones. I've been in the control centres for those, and it's all very interesting, but so frustrating when
  2. I went on one for allegedly being on the wrong side of a solid line for at least 10 metres on the motorbike. No way. Plod was way behind, and I saw him in my mirrors as I was overtaking a row of cars, so I'm hardly likely to commit an offence with them behind me am I! I know that road like the back of my hand, and being on 2 wheels, I wouldn't cross a solid white unless it was safe to do so and legal e.g. overtaking a very slow moving vehicle - we get lots of old tractors and steam engines around here for the shows. Plod showed me the video recording in the car, which certainly didn't show me
  3. I really liked my old X reg Honda Prelude. Absolute dream of a car to drive, and did everything I wanted it to do right up until the time the valves dropped I also like my Honda Civic Sport - nippy little thing One of my friends in Bulgaria has a Honda Accord that's been very highly tuned and has so many engine mods it's unbelievable. I took that out for a drive in Sofia one night, and that really did shift. Wow - the power of that beast!!! He uses it for racing, and it sticks to the road as if it's on rails - the power was so smooth too
  4. I'm a contractor, and my contract was cancelled for two months last year during the first lockdown. So no travelling between Donny and Leicestershire to the office 👍 When I got re-engaged last July, all the offices remained closed, and I've been working from home for just under a year now. End result = no driving. I hate driving anyway! As far as music is concerned, I do like listening to music when I'm at home alone or in the garage or the garden, and it shakes the house - all my neighbours probably love me 😳 But as far as the car goes - I very rarely listen to music in the car. My
  5. The night before taking the FR-V for the MOT, I decided to check everything over as I haven't had much opportunity lately, and I found that a sidelight was out in the front O/S headlight. I was going to tweak the rear parking brake adjustment as I had new brake pads put in recently and they've bedded in - that's not going to happen now as I haven't got time, so hopefully it's all OK for the MOT - I'll find out in about 11 hours. Anyway, it's only a sidelight, so 5 to 10 minute job??? Not a chance - unless you've got really bendy wrists, very small hands, and long fingers that grip like a
  6. Now that is quite interesting. I'll take mine out of the drawer under the front middle seat where it's been sat for about a year now 🙂 Cheers Craig 😳
  7. Hi all I'm Taz from the Doncaster area in the UK. I've owned various Honda cars and motorbikes over the years starting with my first motorbike in the 70's. My first Honda car was a 1976 Civic - that was when they were renowned for being rust buckets. I had it for quite a few years, and sold it to a work mate with 90,000 miles on the clock. He kept it several years, but eventually scrapped it due to the rust. He drove it into the scrap yard as the engine was still going strong. I've also had the Triumph Acclaim, which was a combined effort between Triumph and Honda - the Honda engine reall
  8. Anything with the same PCD, bore, and Offset should fit. As an example, I have a set of S2000 17 inch alloys with summer tyres (225/45/17), and the standard 16 inch FR-V alloys with winter tyres for the cold part of the year - everything other than August then 🙂 The spec for both vehicles matches, so a straight fit without any adjustments - other than lower profile tyres. There's a very good article which describes PCD, Bore, and Offset at Alloy Guide although you'll probably find other similar descriptions too. Bear in mind that the Bore is the bit in the middle which bears the weight of
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