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  1. The look's are the main thing for me... very sporty and futuristic! They have loads of gadgets which is the next thing ;) I don't know how many drink's the Honda makers think you will have but there sure is alot of cup holders lol. And then there's the power.. My civic is only a 1.8 but goes like stink and sounds great once the V-TEC kick's in
  2. I would love to own that car, although my insurance wouldn't agree. I'm finding it pretty difficult to get parts to even make my honda into a replica of that and it still wouldn't be the same. Alot of people would see it as a waste of money but if you can't afford one, make a replica ;) lol
  3. It is indeed nice but i still think i prefer the 8th Generation ;)
  4. Why would you even want your car to do that? PMSL
  5. I agree Steve, iv only had my Honda 5 days and was parked in a carpark Saturday just gone. I was only gone an hour to come back and find someone had pushed my wing mirror the wrong way... probably with their ass!! Load's of spaces but loads of muppets!
  6. In my opinion, JBL are good budget and quality for their Amp's and Sub's. I never used to like Sony for headunit's but they have made alot of improvements and now have built-in bluetooth etc
  7. I dearn't even remove my headunit to see what's at the back. One of the major downsides to Honda is not being able to fit aftermarket headunits easily. Iv seen a kit to change it but that cost's around £170...
  8. That car looks a mess and belongs on BarryBoys.com!!
  9. Hello all, just thought id add a quick post and hope to come across some friendly members on the forums. I'm a new owner of a Honda Civic 1.8 ES I-VTEC (2006). Still getting used to the car but it's quite fun to drive and pretty nifty. Hope to speak to soon Ant
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