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We have a 2017 CR-V and I would like to install a dashcam to the front. I don’t want cables trailing everywhere and I am aware that Nextbase do a hard-wired adaptor for their dashcams. This would mean running a cable along the roof lining and down the pillar to the dashboard and fuse box.

I have had a look and can see that there is an internal fuse box roughly where the driver’s right knee is, underneath the dashboard. The Nextbase adapter requires the removal of a fuse, the adaptor plugs into where the fuse was removed from and then the removed fuse sits ‘piggy back’ on the adaptor.

I would be grateful if somebody is able to confirm that the fuse box to which I have referred is the correct one? And Secondly, if at all possible, which is the best fuse to use. I think possibly 27 as, according to the manual, it is for the front console ‘accessory socket’ – (I assume that is cigarette lighter?). This is only live when the ignition is on.



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Hi Mark....welcome to the Forum


I fitted a Nextbase Dash Cam to my 2007 CRV and it works fine.


Two things worth mentioning though:

1. Use the sticky back adapter plate to affix to the screen where the black dotted area is to avoid the cam being too low down and tucks it out of the way nicely. The lead then tucks away very nicely behind the trim with no effort at all.

2. The fusebox is a nightmare to access and remove fuses, even had to modify the standard Honda fuse to fit the Nextbase adapter (wholly the Honda at fault here I must say). Also trying to find a fuse that was ignition switched....good luck with that one. In the end, feeling sore lying across the sill and with my head upside down under the dash,  I opted for a 'hot' fuse, being live all of the time but setting the Cam to sleep after a short while and it also works to activate the Cam if any movement triggers it.


Here is a link to an article I wrote about the 512GW Dash Cam and the links to the Hardwire Kit as well.




Let us know how you get on with it, especially if you do locate an ignition switched fuse

Cheers,  Trevor

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unfortunately cannot get the links to work on Trevor's post.

I am looking to get a dash cam as I have now been hit twice by car park "runaways"

I park nose in so i am looking to get a dash cam that faces rearwards and records when movement is detected

Can anyone suggest a dash cam for my purpose please?

My bodyshop says these incidents are common with around 80% being damaged by these "runaways.

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