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kelvin mayer

Buying an 09 auto Jazz

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A couple of queries about auto Jazz 2009.


Are there any issues with these auto boxes, CVT I understand?

The width given in the Honda info seems wide a bit wide at just over 2.0m does that include the mirrors?

Is the 82hp auto model seriously underpowered or just a little low on zip?


What to look out for in a second hand purchase?

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Not sure about the width as to whether that includes mirrors.

The autoboxes are reliable as far as I know but ensure that regular fluid changes have occurred over the mileage and years.

I have always found the auto Jazz to be surprisingly nippy and picks up well on the gears.

Had problems with the central locking not working and throwing up a fault with the immobiliser. Had to replace the ECU, keys, fusebox and ignition barrel (second hand parts) and therefore didn't need coding.

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