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Major electrical problems

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Hi all

Having a problem... car still running BUT ...


Tailgate opening button not working from outside (electrically) but can open manually from inside


Passenger left front window not working


Wing mirror left passenger not working  and heater demist system not working


Flashers not working when locking / unlocking car


Note: these electrical problems above have been seasonal for the last 5 years - i.e. warm periods NO PROBLEMS AT ALL and then colder / wetter periods THE PROBLEMS APPEAR suddenly


UNTIL this summer when the problems persisted


Anyone recognise this set of issues and any potential remedy?

I am having it looked by a dealership next week

rgds Oarsman

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Hi....welcome to the Forum


Certainly sounds like water ingress in a body control unit.

Alternative thoughts are maybe it could be some wiring in the tailgate area so when the tailgate opens and closes it breaks the wiring in the loom which connects the two.
Can give loads of strange faults, easy to check and repair though


Let us know how you get on with it

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Thank you Trevor - much appreciated! I'm going to Reading Honda garage on Wednesday so this information is excellent and does fit with some thoughts I was having. best regards Carl

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