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I've been using a 2009 Accord Tourer i-DTEC now for some 3+ years. I bought it with very high mileage, a blown EGR and faulty air-con for a cheap price to fix up. Generally - I've been very pleased with it apart from the headlights. The plastic fogs up horribly and I got an advisory at the last MOT for those lens covers. I am fairly handy with cars - but the headlight bulb replacement has just left me open mouthed. What ... IDIOT ... designed the main headlight and side trafficator bulbs to be SO inaccessible that you have to dismantle the front end of the car to change them?  Like....??!! Was the design engineer on the bong that day or something? Is there any clever way around this anyone knows? If so - please share. The car has done 200k+ and the only bit of the paintwork that looks very tired indeed is the front bumper - so maybe if there is no other way - then perhaps it's time to take it all off and change EVERY bulb same time the bumper is huffed and puffed. I cannot believe anyone would make such a design error - it's like making you remove the rocker cover on the engine to top up the oil. Yes, it's THAT stupid. 

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Hi Sensescaper, you do not need to take the bumper off, you need to turn the wheels fully to the left or the right depending on what side your changing, remove the inner wheel arch lining and reach in through there.

I agree it's not easy and you need  fairly long arms but that's the way in. if you have the manual it tells you how to do it in there.

I used to do 30K a year in my 2010 Accord Tourer and would have to change the bulbs at least once a year, so worth buying the expensive bulbs rather than the cheap ones.

Got 257K out of mine, before chopping it in, a great car. Everything still worked and was still getting 48 mpg on my commute, same clutch same exhaust. 

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