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Steering pulsing when cornering slowly and stationary

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Wondering if anybody else has had this problem as it does not seem that uncommon. We first noticed a pulsing in the steering when going slowly around roundabouts for example and have had it checked out. When driving normally its fine - no pulsing or vibration and vehicle responds properly, but when stationary up on the ramp, the steering can be seen to pulsing back and forth slightly. Fluid has been changed, alignment and pump checked out, but still doing it. There is a lot of online comment on this phenomena, but I can find no comment on the fix. The next step is to change the rack but I am loathe to do this as there quite a few stories about this not sorting the problem. Appreciate any thoughts from out there.



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Hi Mark....welcome to the Forum


Its an odd one that!
Worth rechecking the drivebelt for any lumps bumps or imperfections as had this once many years ago.
Alternatively, the crankshaft pulleys are known to break up and can be seen to be out of alignment when rotating.
Otherwise the only other thing I can think of is a fault in the power steering rack/pump (sensing valve) and this would necessitate replacement


Let us know how you get on with it as would love to know what the cause is

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