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Navi disc read error - unfixable?

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I have the common Navi disc read error in our estate, it's had the problems since we bought the car 2 years ago.  It was supplied with no disc, and the rest of the system is voice operated so assumed we needed the Ver.3.C0 disc which I purchased from ebay (silver, not a rip)


This didn't fix it so I ordered a DVD mechanism from a cheap chinese wholesale site.  The existing unit in the car was a DV36M110 8222TY20, but I ordered a DV36M110 9165TW22 as it was listed with multiple part numbers including the 8222TY20.  I very carefully swapped this over, the ribbon cable was seated and locked perfectly.


It's still broken, is it - 


1) The replacement drive is the wrong one.  Does anyone know how interchangeable the DV36M110 mechanisms are, or do you need exactly the right part number?  I've googled til I'm blue in the face but cannot find this anywhere.


2) The replacement drive is faulty.  Anyone fancy a go, I'll ship it over to you if you like (UK)


3) Another part of the system is faulty, maybe the other circuit board inside the DVD drive or the head unit itself.  Do any of the connectors fail into the back of the drive?



Any thoughts gratefully received :-)



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It may be a situation of having to code it into the vehicle.
This is common on many modern vehicles as the unit will need to communicate via CanBus and this means it needs coding with the correct equipment.
A Honda dealership or Independent Honda specialist repairer should be able to resolve this issue.

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