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CRV 2014 3rd Brake Light in spoiler

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Hi guys,


Looking for some help.


I've just noticed my 3rd brake light isn't working, looks like it is full of moisture so will probably need replacing.


The brake light is fitted to a spoiler and no the actual boot door itself.


I've had a look online at how to remove them but not had any luck finding anything showing how to remove it from a spoiler.


Has anyone had any experience of changing these out. 



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Hi.....welcome to the forum


Seem to recall doing this job on my CR-V many years ago and think I had to remove the spoiler to access the lamp.
Alternatively, it would be worth 'wiggling' the wires going into the tailgate as the brake pedal is applied with the ignition on to see if there is a broken wire which is common on a lot of vehicles where the tailgate is opened and closed frequently

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I have just put a genuine spoiler on my car and yes I believe it is a bit of a faf to change the light. I have attached a link to the fitting instructions of the spoiler. If you look at how you fit it it shows how to fit the light so maybe you could use this in reverse.

my advice is to buy a genuine light, I tried a cheap one on eBay and it was rubbish.



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