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CRV 2016 Auto changing slow when cold

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have just bought a second hand 2016 1.6 automatic AWD. 
When cold the gears from 1st to 2nd is slow to change and even throws me forward because I’m expecting the car to change. However when warmed up, it changes ok. 

I have searched and found that some advice is to change the transmission fluid?

I took it to my local dealer and they couldn’t find anything wrong with it, but did advise to change the oil in the transmission. 
plus how much would this cost? £330 from one garage and £90 from another. 

They did however update a couple of software updates and charged me £85 for looking at my car and the updates. Is that to be expected from updating the software? Plus they never solved the slow changing.


Thanks in advance. 

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Hi Andrew.....welcome to the Club


£85 for the software update is worth the money as it would have put everything to where it should now be.

However, the fluid change I imagine should be somewhere between the two quoted prices but nearer the higher price if the filter is also changed

Let us know how you get on with it

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