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CR-V Petrol Automatic 2017 thoughts

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Looking into an automatic CR-V for covering approx 6-8k miles in a year.

Generally, Diesels are not recommended for regular short runs (DPF issues) so the petrol model seems to be a better fit.


Reviews in various places seem to suggest that the 2.0 petrol engine is the one to avoid.

Lack of power is quoted as an issue and economy is not great either but is it really that bad?

I'm not after high performance, just a reliable and comfortable family motor.


Do you own one? What do you like/dislike about it?

Any pointers/advice is most welcome.

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I have a 2018 CRV 2.0 auto. I do about 5-6K per year. I was aware of the fuel consumption issue but with the low mileage I felt for me personally it wasn't an issue. Most my driving is urban and relatively short distance. I currently average 29 - 30 mpg around town. It may not be the quickest but again for me I find it definitely adequate for my style of driving. Reliability and comfort are good.  As a Honda owner for some 20 years I am probably biased, the CRV is an easy vehicle to drive, and the driving position I find is excellent, and I have had no problem in the last 3 years with reliability. One thing with my 2018 model is the infotainment / satnav screen, it's a bit dated, easy enough to use but is in need of updating.


I hope this has been of some help to you.

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Thanks for the helpful information. Just took a 2017 model for a test drive and liked it.

Front and rear legroom is good plus the huge boot. It certainly fits the bill for my needs.

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