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Fuel tank is smaller than manual seeing


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Hi I have hona crv 2018 1.6 160km diesel .I have problem with my fuel tank capacity. Basically in my manual fuel tank should have 58l. But when I refueling car from empty (low fuel light and computer shows 30 miles range) i can do 43- 45 liters maximum. I was refueling car 10 times so far and always is same. I can understand reserve tank need some fuel but 13-15 liters and 30 mies range is something wrong in my opinion.  Please tell me how many liters you can put in your crv?

Many thanks.

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Hi....welcome to the Club


That's a tough one as the only way you would really know how much is in the tank is to run it out completely and then refill it to gauge the quantity.
I would imagine it does have in the region of 13 to 15 litres but the range is only really an estimate based on driving styles and conditions.


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