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Rust on my 2005 CR-V, UK owner, advice?


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Hi everyone,


I am a new UK owner as of today, and picked up a mk.2 CR-V 2005 facelift with 118k on the clock and in good mechanical condition. The price was cheap (£1500). However, underneath it is looking a bit sad. The car has been coated with some kind of waxoyl-like substance but it is hiding rust, which is now coming through in places. 


I have taken a video of the worst areas, please watch: https://youtu.be/s-y-HvzHw18

No metal is falling off yet, just the coating. I'm not sure how bad it is structurally speaking.


The car has MOT until end of March, and the entire MOT history is almost perfect - no mention of any corrosion at all, which seems at odds with its present condition.


I want to love this car, but is there a way to fix/ stop this getting worse? I am deciding whether to insure the vehicle for a year once my temporary cover runs out in a couple of days. I would really appreciate your opinion, thanks :)



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Thanks for the reply 🙂 I took it in for an inspection and the mechanic said it's OK for the age actually. I plan to take off some of the rust with a wirebrush drill attachement then treat it. Various perople have suggested different methods for treating it, the only thing in common so far is that they involve a lot of mess! But that's fine by me. I will probably use waxoyl like you say as I have some experience with it and I just want to stop it getting worse.

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