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Accord 2.0 VTec 2001 (F20B6) Steering.

Mr.B Accord

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 I have acquired a 2001 Accord (CH7, F20B6). It is a UK car (rhd) but registered here in Spain (where I live)

It looks like I have a leaking steering rack, I suspect the last owner didn't use the correct steering fluid.

It has a TRW rack and although I contacted TRW, they put me in contact with their Spanish branch who said they couldn't help because RHD!!!

Same reason is it not easy to get parts from car scrappies, they only have the LHD version.

Does Anyone know if there is a seal kit available for this? Is there a difference between LHD and RHD seal kits? if they are only round /ring seals it should not be a problem? I also may need the high pressure hose from pump to rack, again problem because of driver side.

Getting stuff from the UK is now getting expensive, due to all the added charges from Brexit, so wondering if there is a way round all this!

Hope you guys can help

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That's a tough one but I would imagine if the seals are removed and matched up to alternatives such as in the link below



It should not matter if it is LHD or RHD as the internal seals should be the same.


Another alternative which I have used very successfully and will slow down the fluid loss 


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Posted (edited)

Thanks Trevor,

     I did wonder, as from what I had seen, that they are all  'O' ring seals and no odd shaped 'handed' ones.

I mostly see kits for American versions, usually the 2.3, 2.4 or 3.0 version, I wasn't sure if the versions in the US were the same dimensions as the Showa/TRW version used on the Swindon cars.

Oddly, the power steering stop leak fluid, was my first method, but still seems to be coming out of the top of the rack where the steering column fits (steering box as we used to call it on older cars)

I also know there is a discussion about the use of Hondas own type steering fluid over Dexron III, with the original seals.

I suspect the new seals will be OK using Dexron.  

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