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Advice to resolve screen wash leak drivers side rear footwell

2nd Honda Jazz

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2016 Honda Jazz - twice the drivers side rear footwell filled with liquid. Thinks its smells like screen wash fluid. Each time the screen wash reservoir emptied far quicker than I expected. Only seems to happen after I' ve used rear screen wash. Any of you people experienced this?


After the first occasion I tried Utube and used fresh mastic to seal the plastic sheet in side the adjacent door and pocked clean the drain holes but no luck.


Soaked carpet, underlay/sound deadening and floor pan recess. Second time I tested the one way valve found in the hatch door shut. Air from a tyre pump flows freely one way but not the other. Have found though, after removing adjacent door rubber, plastic trim etc near the footwell a small nylon type elbow with rear screen wash black rubber hoses as push fit attachments, one coming from the front and the other going up inside the C post.  I believe the rubber hoses don't want to make a seal any longer and the screen wash is leaking out into the footwell.  I ve done a botch job and no leak in the last 24 hours. Since the car now smells strongly I any seeking any advice as to a more permanent fix at these joints. Think the nylon elbow is there to avoid pipe kinking, and do not wish to start removing any further trim to replace the hole pipe work to the reservoir. Any suitable spring clip clamps you guys can source or hose reinforcement that wont kink and take a bend but make low ish pressure long term seal could be great.

Thanks in advance for any help or advice.

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I've just had exactly the same problem, rear drivers side footwell like a paddling pool. After lifting the lower section of door seal and removing the plastic trim two white plastic elbows are visible and two of those four joints were leaking. I stripped some copper cable 1mm or 1.5mm will do, take a piece about 5cm long turn around joint and twist up, ( like a hose clip ) snip off excess, don't twist too tight or wire will snap, I done all four while I was there works a treat, when refitting make sure sharp ends are not in contact with wiring loom, bend them over or tape up.

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I have the same issue. The rear footwell behind the driver is getting soaked after the wash bottle has been filled. The wash bottle loses liquid without the washers being activated.

i will try and access the area and sort a fix based on the advice here.

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