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Rear Speaker removal & replacement


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so I have myself a Honda Concerto, and have recently upgraded all speakers. 
the fronts were common sense, however when it came to the rears. I realised it wasn’t as simple and there was no write up on it. 


Tools needed:  

17mm socket & a 3/8s ratchet

8mm socket ( I used a long 8mm ) and a  quarter inch Ratchet. 
a pozzy screwdriver. 

Plastic trim tool. 

* I will add pictures also * 


To start off. 
the speaker is underneath the plastic shelf. To remove this you will need to undo 4 pozzy head screws, this will then undo the shelf. 

You will need to fold the seat down, and using a plastic trim tool. Pop off the plastic top off the seatbelt guide. 
once this is done, 

There you will see a 17mm bolt and a 8mm nut that you need to remove to undo the seatbelt runner/guide? This will then give you access to slide the plastic shelf covering the speaker off. 

Once you have removed that, you can then using a screwdriver undo the 4 screws holding the old speaker in place & begin with connecting and fitting your new set in. 

What size speaker?:

for the rear I literally just bought the Pioneer TS-R1350S. They are 13cm and are the perfect fit.

And for the fronts, I reckon you could go to the next size up. 

funnily enough, I did not take pictures of them fully fitted. ( it started raining ) But I can add a picture of them later on, ( take it from me, don’t remove the circle speaker top😂 as they will just snap :’) ( nothing a bit of super glue won’t fix - don’t @ me haha 3F137973-615C-4218-8BDB-894467C056AB.thumb.jpeg.ff40eec29a61eb4cffc8cb25581563d5.jpeg8B7CD389-ADF1-45E8-B2CD-4BA0F45E862F.thumb.jpeg.a50a9978fa332e1efe9ef638140032a0.jpeg

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