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Expensive Week


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Hi All, Had an expensive week , on Monday booked in for MOT It passed no problem £ 50.00, on Wednesday noticed the ABS & VAS Lights on the dash were on all the time took it to the Garage they did a check and found out the Rear Wheel Sensor needed replacing ,this was done for £ 94.00, then the ABS Lights came on again and a shuddering when braking, this was found to be caused by a worn Rear Wheel Bearing, so back to the Garage again had this replaced and fixed 

£ 160.00 , so a weeks bill of £ 304.00 + vat . a lot of dosh but at least it done, the steering is 100% better and no Christmas lights on the Dash, apparently all of these faults according to the Dealer are ones prone to Honda.

So hopefully its trouble free for a while. Will have to drink a bit less of my favourite tipple at home this week or a few more to drown my sorrows of having to part with this cash 🥲 

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