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Good evening

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Hi Dave

Welcome to the Honda Club from one RN Veteran to another, I served  in the Andrew with the C in C Staff in the Electrical Branch to start off with and then completed the Divers Course at HMS Dolphin was then assigned to C in C Staff, Good times and Great Comradeship.

Welcome  Dave and hope you have many safe and trouble free journeys in your Accord Ex, Had one of these also, Great cars when looked after properly.

Up Spirits Stand fast the Holy Ghost


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Good Morning Bazzer, I suspected you might be a ex matelot when I saw the RN, I served from 74 to 84, joining up was one of the best decisions I ever made. 

I see you are also in Dorset, I've ended up in Weymouth where my better half comes from, met her when I was serving on the Cutlass.

Are there any other MK 2 owners on here? I bought mine a couple of years ago via ebay from a chap that bought and sold classic cars over near Beaulieu. It's a one lady owner with 44k on the clock. Fortunately being the MK2 Honda had sorted the tinworm problem that my MK1 had from new.........Still that was the only car I ever made money on when I sold it too a two & half ringer on the FOST staff.  

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