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Front Tyre Wear


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HI everyone,  I  have a 1.8 Frv with 140k on clock, family owned from new.

Very recently I  can see inner tyre wear on both front tyres inner edges. Car drives ok and no unusual sounds when on steering. I'm away on holiday ATM so can't talk a proper look, or provide any pics. Recent Mot pass no advisors.

Has anyone else come across this issue, I'm suspecting some kind if suspension issue.  Thanks. Chris 


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Tracking?? I had a blow out on a Van after some work being done on the front wheel are and they didn't check the Tracking as I didn't ask them too!!!!

Before the blow out both tyres had inside wear which I found out afterwards

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It always used to be the outside edge that wore, now I'm seeing the inside edges wearing on my cars. It will be the alignment drifting out, with the state of the roads these days they won't stay true for long!

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removed lower arms and commented to replace bushes using 'C' clamp type tool. This removed the large flat bush but I could not press a replacement in... so got two new lower arms. Pressed out the lower ball joints, quite hard work, the hardest breaking the joint between the ball joint and lower arm, tried all sorts of techniques ( not heat), pick axe worked best for me.

So arms, ball joints, link arms new pads ( serviced slide pins) and re -assemble. Note- put the lower arms in first making sure the tie bars are in the correct upward position. Getting the ball joint into lower arm was fiddly as the joint is tight when new.

Test drive - laden vehicle at various speeds - all good, quiet over minor pot holes, like new!

Sone tips I used. There's no need to remove wheel hub ( danger of damaging ABS sensor) , detach abs wire from outer wheel hub. Detach hub from drive shaft and strut, rorate 180 degrees loose blot one hole of hub back onto strut and support the, now facing downward,disc on axel stands. This allows you to wind the pressure on the C clamp extractor tool to press the ball joint out and back in again.

Don't put anything on slider pins that will attack the rubber dust boots and don't put to much lube on the pins.

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I had problems separating ball joint from the arm, I cut the arm where it located into the ball joint threaded section allowing easy separating.

I also used a bit of scaffold pole to drive the ball joints back in as access using my equipment was limited from above I.e the hub mountings got in the way of the c clamp insertion tool.

Just checked the tracking, spot on though the steering wheel is not completely central, but that's just a case of equal turns on both track rod ends to bring it back where it should be.

That's it . Finished.

Car has 140k its the 1.8 petrol engine UK spec.

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Hi, front wheel drive vehicles are a bit heavy on tyre wear coupled with drivers style and quality of tyres.

I think I have resolved my problem which I am putting down to bottom ball joints.

Not too bad of a job with right tools.

Good luck with your particular issue, if its wear on both outer edges then over inflate the tyres a bit

!, ( at your own risk), this alters road contact area & handling.

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