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CRV 2007 Coil pack fixing studs

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The spark plugs on my 2007 CRV EX need replacing. However, on my engine, the coil packs are on the front of the engine and not under a cover like many of those I’ve seen online. The coil packs are secured with a nut the screws onto a stud that protrudes through the coil pack but the nuts and the securing stud are so badly rusted away (we live near the sea) that I can’t get the nuts off and so can’t remove the coil packs. I’m worried that I might break the stud that the coil pack securing but screws onto, and I’ve not been able to find replacements online. Can anyone help by providing a part number, or a link to where I can buy some replacement studs that coil pack securing nut screws onto. Many thanks

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I think I would be tempted to soak the nuts in WD40 or other penetrating oils over time before attempting to undo them.
Using a wire brush in between treatments should also remove corrosion and you then stand a chance of removing them without breaking the studs and also being able to reuse the nuts

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Is your CRV a gen 2 or gen 3 and which engine is it?


Great advice from Trevor, you can also a get special tool for rounded nuts to remove them, careful with the amount of torque you use or you could snap the bolt/stud!

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