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Morning everyone, I am wondering if the forum can help me with a fairly simple question.


My wife’s battered but much loved 2003 CRV, a few weeks ago developed an annoying habit namely if we open the back door to load, say shopping, after 30 sec there is a click and all the doors lock.  The obvious danger is if we had  accidentally put the keys on the floor of the boot and then closed the back door, we are locked out of the car.

The accident just waiting to happen, did.   Fortunately with the help of a host of bystanders, a coat hanger, string and a magnet, we managed to recover the keys.  Further to add, no we don’t have a spare set of keys.


Two question arose that  I would value the forums comments on.

1.  Has anyone come across the automatic locking condition before?   It’s only just started happening so it’s either an electrical fault or a setting that I have accidentally triggered.


2.  Can anyone suggest where I can get a replacement door key or FOB.  I am not looking to be able to start the car as that would involve the expense of coding the immobiliser etc .  I just want to open the door and recover the keys if it happens again.


All comments appreciated.


Les W

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Thanks Alan gsd

Did try the WD40 solution but unfortunately for me, it didn’t work.

However I started doing some more logical testing as to when the door locks was activated.  My analysis was:


1.0.  The locks only triggered after 30 sec if the large back door was open.

2.0. Then I started looking the door sensor (see photo).  The spring on that has come off so when the door is opened the lever doesn’t retract to the open position.

when I manually slide the lever to the open position, the doors don’t lock.


Could be I have cracked it, just need either a new lever or a compatible spring.




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