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  1. if you're using a newer disc, the update should initiate automatically. if it doesn't then it's most likely an issue with the disc/drive. You only need to force DL if reverting to an older version.
  2. Check the main relay for dry joints.
  3. use Honda CVT oil for the gearbox, and 0w20 oil for the engine which is Honda's latest recommeneded grade. I persoally use Exol Honda spec 0w20 which is great value. As for spark plugs, perhaps try cross referencing the original part numbers with Denso. I find their IK and IKxxTT range of iridium plugs to be great and much cheaper than NGK equivalents and have been using them as long as I can remember. I use IK20TT plugs for my K20 FRV and K24 Accord. An online dealer like Cox Motor parts would have everything you need in terms of original Honda items and would also provide the req
  4. can't help on the ECU i'm afraid, but have you checked the main relay? i've had issues with older civics in the past where dry joints on the main relay cause warm starting issues. quite a simple fix, just a case of resoldering the dry joints if that's the case. back then i took the relays to a tv repair shop to do and it'd take them 10mins.
  5. there are 2 systems for facelift (2006-08) and pre facelift (2003-05). the dvd drives although similar in appearance are not interchangeable between the 2 systems and have different rear connections. pre facelift drive part number 39540SEAG010M1 (typically the ones harder to find in working condition) facelift dvd drive part number 39540SEAE110M1 In the past i've replaced the optical drives inside and have also dismatled to clean the optics in helped in some cases. Cartronics is one company that comes up as one that can carry out repairs, avoid them. Th
  6. they're pretty cheap and easy enough to swap out. i'd keep an eye out on ebay for a cheap one to swap out if your fuses all seem fine. Quince
  7. Lings honda is a good resource, Cox themselves also list part numbers. Even on ebay listings for aftermarket parts you can easily identify the OE Honda part numbers where other part numbers are provided as references
  8. won't work, totally different systems despite similar appearance.
  9. the £20 disc if it's the seller on ebay, i've tried. although appearing genuine they're copied and certainly didn't work for me. behaved exactly like a crap copy i've experimented with before in the past. You can't tell based on appearance unless you compare side by side with a genuine disc, the textures on the print face are different.
  10. I use https://www.coxmotorparts.co.uk and www.amayama.com
  11. I remember calling aroud at the time, Holdcroft Honda also quoted a similar price. The battery was listed at 1132.66 ex VAT, fitting was down being included with the £99 ex vat IMA fault investigation charge which included the usual healthcheck
  12. i replaced mine in 2017 and it was around £1400 all in. Warranty I received was 3 years unlimited mileage. This was via Lookers Honda Orpington
  13. oh the glory days of Honda Karma! I'm glad you're loving your Accord. Similarly, I'm back in another one having missed the one i sold 3 years ago. The Civic Hybrid i've had in between has been great for my commute but since Covid i've had no more commuting so jumped at the chance of getting another Accord.
  14. i keep mine working just to access the rest of the controls the screen is needed for! the maps part i'd use as a backup but my phone is always connected via my Grom audio. Swapping out the unit with the changer is simple enough and used on ebay they're pretty cheap
  15. the updates for the 3.xx system stopped in 2018 so if you do manage to swap the system it's a matter of having a less out of date system rather than an up to date one. as for the swap itself, the looms connecting the stereo and drives are different. at the very least it'd be a case of splicing and matching the cables from 2 looms. there's also the slight difference in the rear heated screen and heated mirror controls. 2.xx system will have heated rear screen only from the centre console, with heated mirrors on the door switch. the 3.xx combines heated mirrors and rear screen on the
  16. the 12v battery on the hybrids are standard batteries, as with my civic hybrid
  17. I've used and damaged a drive before, yes. When reverting between 2 discs you can hear the difference in operation between them.
  18. I actually bought a 1.8 FRV for my mum also, she liked mine so much that when replacing her car for an auto she wanted an FRV despite it being older than the car she was replacing. They're great, I'm a huge fan of them.
  19. This is totally true, it's down to the dye in copied discs not working well with the optical pickups, causing them to work & spin constantly which ultimately exhausts them and causes accelerated wear. Particularly the case with the pre facelift accord v2.xx systems. the v3.xx systems seem less effected but i still wouldn't recommend it. If you try a copied disc you'll hear a difference in how hard the drive is working and notice the extended time it takes for the ok button to appear after the warning message. also need to be mindful of a certain ebay seller (nav-upd
  20. 0w20 is the current Honda recommendation. Honda petrols are not fussy, in the past Honda have also had 5w30, 5w40 as the official recommendation. Honda grade 0w20 is easy enough to source and cheap. I use Exol branded and buy in 20L drums, costs around £60-£65 usually and good for 4 oil changes. I've been using it in my 2.0 FRV (also K20 like the Accord) for a number of years now.
  21. Falkens are great and too often overlooked. As a brand, you could say they're the Honda of the tyre world.
  22. Glad you've managed to sort it. the quick & easy cheap fixes are always the most satisfying
  23. If it's an original disc I wouldn't bother trying to source another, very unlikely to be the disc if it's an original. The very latest available were 2011/12 anyway so at best it'd still be 8 years out of date. Some have had luck with cleaning the lens. I never found any disc cleaners effective and always opted for opening the drive to give it a proper clean. I'll have a dig around for the alpine part details, though I know they're not on eBay anymore and it did come from Japan!
  24. if you're using copied discs, stop. these drives are super sensitive to copied discs which usually result in the drives working several times harder just to read the discs, you'd no doubt hear the drive spinning hard and fast all the time. As for the drive, it's most likely down to the optical block. Sometimes it's a case of cleaning, more severe issues mean replacing the part. In the past i've managed to source and replace the entire drive inside the housing, it's an Alpine part. If you happen to be looking for genuine discs on ebay, there's a seller selling the v2.11
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