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  1. she is.. thats one hellova woman! :lol:
  2. thats mental... isnt that beardyman? saw another one the other day that could sing words and put the beat at the same time :)
  3. love the roof on those... don't see many around my area at all.
  4. I will name it "Toasty"
  5. MB Quart Speakers rock! literally.. Alpine have some nice stuff.. Pioneer is what you buy in Asda LOL
  6. i like meguiars products personally :) I have heard of R222, spotted someone using it at JAPS last year.. looks nice stuff.
  7. hmm thats given me an idea.. if you see any please let me know
  8. bojo

    MAF Cleaning

    i have seen a MAF cleaning spray somewhere on my travels, probably the same alcohol spray mentioned above but re-labelled :)
  9. feel sick thinking about it..
  10. Always remember a friend of mine had one of these Old 1978 Honda Civics.. it was a gem of a car I used to have the first Prelude years ago and seeing how we both had hondas in those days we always loved both! Any members here have one of these? Pics? Love to see a restored one
  11. thanks Steve... can anyone else confirm what brakes a 2006 model has? same as a type R?
  12. try WD40 on the distributor cap... you may find that your distributor cap is cracked?
  13. Just curious to find out what you guys like about your Honda?
  14. Hi about to purchase the Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric but before I do just looking for a few members thoughts on the goodyear f1's, good or bad? please let me know
  15. Hi there, Honda offer an iPod dock connector for the OEM stereo, but it's no use to me as I have a Zune. Does the back of the head unit have RCA inputs to allow an RCA to 3.5mm jack to be used? Cheers
  16. Does anyone know the difference between standard Civic Brakes and Civic Type R Brakes? Anyone have any pics of both if there is a difference?
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