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  1. Yes i say the same as b4u2 cox motor parts, i have bought Honda parts there often. good fast service.
  2. Strange, normally there are spade terminals and they just pull off, but if they are corroded like you say than a little bit of WD40 to help removal, but you can cut the wires and put new spade terminals of and i think you can get from any motor factors.
  3. Many thanks for your reply, I think i will have to bite the bullet on this one, as where i live which is very rural, a stones throw from Lands End, my local garage don't have air con facility's. So Honda it is, i did contact Honda again to see if they can reduce the price, and they can offer a non genuine condenser for the sum of £500. so, its a little better. So its booked in on the 30th Sept.
  4. Hello to all, My Civic mk9 2.2 idtec condenser is leaking and my local Honda garage was going to charge me £700 to replace which i think is asking too much. Just thinking how easy to replace it myself, just needs re gassing afterwards, i have basic mechanical skills but never had to do this sort of work. any reply's will be very grateful.
  5. Good morning, I had to replace mine a year ago, its very simple, here is the link which i followed from you tube. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=door+mirror+replacement+honda+civic+mk+ix+9+uk The mirror is only clipped in and a wide plastic tool like a scraper will work. just be careful of the wires attached, if your mirrors are heated.
  6. Hi there have you tried ebay , there you can find a load of car manuals
  7. I hope this owners club will help me out with a few issues i have with my civic, as the you tube site is mainly based in the states!!
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