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CR-V Air Conditioning not working!

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I recently purchased my CR-V and shortly afterwards it developed a fault with the Air Cond (green light flashing on AC control panel) and the Engine Management System warning lamp illuminated.

A quick search on the internet for known faults and found one pointing to the AC relay. Once located in the fusebox, it was instantly noticeable that it was defective (rattling noise from within the relay when shaken). A search on eBay and a cheap relay from China was sourced for around £3 and then fitted into the fusebox.

The system did not fire up straight away...had to clear out the Engine Management fault (AC compressor not working) with a scanner. 

The next step to getting it to run was to reset the AC/climate control panel by following the procedure listed below:
Turn the ignition switch OFF. 
Turn the fan switch OFF, the temperature control dial on Max Cool and the mode control dial on Vent. 
Turn the ignition switch ON (II), then press and hold the recirculation control switch. Within 10 seconds while holding the switch down, press the rear window defogger switch five times. The recirculation indicator blinks two times, then the self-diagnosis will begin. If there is any problem in the system after self-diagnosis is finished, the recirculation indicator will blink the Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) 7 through 13 when problems in the evaporator temperature sensor circuit are detected (codes 14 and 15), the A/C indicator will blink the DTC. If no DTC's are found, the indicator will not blink.

This then reset the AC system and the compressor kicked back into life.

Thought this may benefit other members that have this problem....certainly a cheap fix!

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