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Space saver wheels ?

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I have a '61 reg 1.8 Civic ES . I want to buy a space saver wheel to replace the repair kit , which is date-expired anyway . The car has 17" alloys fitted , and on the face of things I can find lots of space-saver wheels on Ebay etc . However , I have seen references to wheels not fitting cars with the larger backplates , and mine has these . How do I ascertain that a given wheel will fit over my large backplates ? What is the spec I need to look for  ?

Thanks hopefully ..........

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Hi Merlin....welcome to the Forum


Sorry I'm not sure of the exact answer but have had similar issues in the past and have gone to a parts department at a dealership and asked to try one on in the car park to see if it fits okay.

Let us know how you get on with finding the correct wheel


Cheers,  Trevor


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