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On my fourth Honda, first was a 1986 Accord. Currently 2018 CRV with a problem playing music via USB. They first upgraded the  software then replaced the audio/display hardware. Still not working right. Anyone else having such a problem? If so has it been solved & what was the solution?


 They told me I must have a corrupt USB flash drive or corrupt files. I’ve tried five drives, each one a different brand. Only one seems to work MOSTLY right. The others just stop playing and if I switch to a radio station and back to USB it will sometimes start again.


love the car but very frustrated with this problem.

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Hi...welcome to the Forum


It could be the file structure for the music stored on the flash drive.

Maybe worth playing with the titles and format of the content to see if that makes any difference


Let us know how you get on

Cheers   Trevor

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