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2015 CR-V 1.6 diesel ex power cut / complete electrical failure


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First post here. I'll introduce myself fully but I need to get this sorted. Had my CR-V for about a year and I'm loving it.

On Saturday the Car cut out while stopped in traffic. All electrics went so no hazards or steering. After 5-10 minutes it all powered back up and started as if nothing had happened.

It then happened again on Tuesday night when I pulled into my drive. 11 minutes timed this time. Then restarted.

I've had it with an auto-electrician today. No errors showing. Not even registering that it has been powered a loss of power. Battery, Fuses, Clutch Checked. Not sure about Ignition Switch (Not sure how this works with keyless entry/start?)

I'm taking it back tomorrow but unless it cuts out when they are in it i'm not sure how they will find the fault. Obviously pretty dangerous as I drive country roads in the dark.

Any suggestions? Anyone heard of this with this model?

Driving around the country for Christmas so need to get this fixed!

Thanks for any help you can provide.


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Hi James...welcome to the Forum


My very first thoughts are that the car probably has Keyless Entry and therefore the keys could be getting corrupted signals which could be switching the car off and then allowing it to power up with no faults registered.

I would be tempted to use the other/spare key and see if the fault occurs with it.

If it doesn't then problem solved, it if does then I would address it with Honda as a 'safety issue' as you should not have this occurring when driving, which it seems has not occurred as yet but may progress further.

Please keep us informed of the progress with this one.


Cheers,  Trevor

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Thanks for the response.


We're basically leaving it with the auto electrician most days to test at his leisure. He said he won't charge until he finds a fults which is really good of him.

Issue hasn't reappeared in the last week which makes it hard to diagnose..


I'll pass on your comments and het him to check.


Thank you 

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