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Catalytic converter stolen. Help getting right parts needed

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Cat Burglar nicked my Cat. 

Neighbours had CCTV of the theft. It happened at 11:30 am,  took 40 seconds. Trolley jack and a pipe cutter of some sort. They cut the wires to the lambda sensors and cut through the exaust pipes in front and behind the Cat. The rear cut was through the mid section exhaust pipe so that also needs replacing. 

OK I have questions that I need help with. 
Honda wanted over 2K for the parts, (Cat, 2 lambda sensors, mid section of exhaust pipe, and fitting kit.) 
OEM parts at that price are not an option so I went to the internet. My first problem/question was /is identifying my cars details . Some sites asked for the reg number so that was easy but others had drop down menus with letters and numbers to id the exact model. I only know what is printed on the V5 log book. So can anyone tell me what is missing from this list? Honda. Jazz SE CVT. 1339 cc. Engine number starts with L13A11... . It's petrol and it's automatic. Is this a 1.3 or a 1.4? I am guessing from this forum that it is a Mark 1 but the option I just got from a spares dealer was a 2002 Mk2 Hatchback or a 2002 GD Saloon. 

If I buy the sensors on ebay the price varies for new ones from £18 to £148 for one. Any advice please?
Also there seems to be lots of "Pre cat" sensors and very few "Post cat" sensors. I have bought one of the pre cat £18 ones as I did it by phone and they said it would fit but they didn't have the rear sensor. 
Virtually all the listings also said "4 wire sensor". When I looked under my car at the cut wires it seemed that one had four wires and the other had only two wires. Any advice on this please? 

In the mean time I would like to suggest honda made it harder to steal the cats in the first place. I would also like to suggest that the government bring back the stocks and so when these b*****ds get caught they could be put in a public stock and let me have ten minutes of therapeutic anger management practice on them. 

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Hi....welcome to the Forum


Sorry to hear about your misfortune.

Firstly, your car is a 1.3 litre, judging by the cc which if it is lower than 50 (e.g. 1349cc) then it is a 1.3 litre.

The Lambda sensors are 4 wire at the front and 2 wire at the rear as the rear does not have to have a heater (e.g. the other two wires are there for that reason).

Cheap sensors are okay but get a branded one as cheap as you can.


Agree with your sentiment about punishment for the offenders, it's just not on for them to render your car undrivable and make money from it while you have to shell out huge amounts to get back on the road


Let us know how it all goes

Cheers .  Trevor

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