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A scratch after 2 weeks!

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Good evening fellow Hondeers.

I am currently broken hearted at the discovery of a circular scratch on the front passenger door after only 2 weeks of owning my beautiful CR-V.

I was recommended Meguairs Scratch X 2.0 at my local Halfords as I can't feel the scratch with my fingernail. I'm afraid of permanently damaging the paintwork though. Does anyone have any experience of using this? It cost a tenner but I'll bin it if I have to. A local body shop said I'd be looking at about £120 which I think is a bit steep! Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Haven't tried this exact product but have used similar.

Just need to apply a small quantity with a clean soft rag and use light circular motion to rub it into the wider part of the damaged area.

Do this several times to build up the layers and then polish off....hopefully with no signs of the damage

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