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Issues with Idle Stop on Honda HRV

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I have a 2017 HONDA HR-V BLACK EDITION I-DTEC 120 (1.6cc) & have ongoing issues with the idle stop and wondering if this is a common problem? Over the past 2 years it’s been in the Garage at least 6 times for the same issue or issues relating to the idle stop and is booked back into garage agin tomorrow.  The idle stop works for so long (anything from a few days to max 6 months) and then randomly stops working with a dash warning showing low battery charge.  It was last in the garage 2 weeks ago when they again charged the battery overnight, fault again seemed to be rectified but 10 days & 300 miles later the same issue.  On some occasions the fault appears to rectify itself within a few weeks. The garage have previously replaced 2 fuses and another part after a discussion with Honda’s master technician, however recently all the garage has done is charge the battery overnight. Has anyone else had a similar problem and know how it was rectified.  

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