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Hello from Warwickshire

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Greetings all, new Legend owner from Warwickshire. Well, the car isn't new, but it's new to me. 2000 model. 


Anyway I've been poking about and I found a ride height sensor on the OSR shock absorber (see pic). There is a position sensor pot behind the bracket which you can't see in this pic, plus an electrical connector.


Does anyone know what this is for? I can't find it in the [Acura RL] workshop manual I have.


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Hi....welcome to the Forum


There are two reasons for height sensors:

1. to give a reading to feedback to hydraulic/pneumatic dynamic suspension where the dampers or air bags will adjust according to ride heights.

2. to give a reading to feedback to the Xenon headlights to ensure other road users don't suffer glare from the headlamp.


If you disconnect it and see if one of your headlamps doesn't adjust on one side.  Let us know what you find.


Cheers,  Trevor

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Thanks Trevor I'll give it a go. Pretty sure there isn't one on the other side. Given that the car has HID/Xenon lights, I'm thinking this is to adjust headlamps as you say - particularly with load in the boot.


Interesting that it's not mentioned in my workshop manual though - maybe USA cars didn't get that feature?

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