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Found steering wheel controls wires for audio

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Car: 1999MY Legend 3.5 auto UK spec.


If anyone's interested in changing their stereo in their Legend... I did a bit of detective work and found the wires which operate the (resistive based) steering wheel audio controls.


Dunno why but I'm fanatic about buttons working - I hate it when stuff doesn't work! So I've embarked on this mission to adapt the steering wheel controls to a Pioneer aftermarket head unit (it has DAB).


Anyway I'm going to be using a CARAV R-100 device which is programmable to any car (that uses resistive controls). It says it's for a Pioneer but from what I've learned it should also apply to Sony aftermarket head units too.


Basically you 'show' the unit the resistive control you want to replicate, then program it using an infra-red Pioneer remote (available for a few quid off Ebay if you're prepared to wait). It then outputs a signal through the 3.5mm jack lead remote to the Pioneer, or so the theory goes. 


Haven't actually set it up yet because I've only just received the Pioneer IR remote but I'll update once it's done.


Also learned quite a bit about the standard stereo, if anyone needs to know.

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