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2019 CR-V Hybrid EX

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New CR-V Hybrid delivered in August 2019 with many faults. The main fault is that although the  Climate Control functions are recognized by the voice control function, none are not executed. I gather that Honda Europe have been aware of this for a while, but 'forgot' to mention this to prospective purchasers. As I understand it Honda Japan are working on a 'fix' but no one at Honda has been able to give me a date. Additionally, the Audio and temperature controls continually autonomously change their settings. To day the screen said the audio function was not available while the vehicle was in motion!  


Poor customer relations Honda!


I expect  a generous compensation package for all the aggravation and loss of time caused! 

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Hi....welcome to the Forums


I have heard of similar issues from CR-V owners of the newer models....seems the older one are built better and have technology of the era.

The newer ones I'm afraid are still running with old tech and this is the reason it doesn't work too well.
They are trying to drag old tech into the newer vehicle range and its not suitable.


The voice control function does not and never has worked well but it is just easier to control it manually by hand.

The Climate Control is probably set to 'auto' by default so is doing just that I would imagine.

The audio may only be down to settings that need changing, worth checking the extensive handbook(s) for more information.


Honda customer relations do leave something to be desired as have experienced this personally in the past, otherwise, they do produce damn good vehicles overall


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