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Honda FRV how to remove ECU ?

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Hi !

I'm in the UK and have a Honda FRV 2005.

So basically my heater blower has stopped working. I have replaced the resister pack and that has not fixed it. The fuse is fine too. So now I am trying to replace the actual blower motor itself. I have unscrewed the 3 screws holding it in place but it cannot drop down far enough for me to pull it out because the ECU is in the way.

So, now I need to remove the ECU from its casing, which is directly below the blower. Once this is removed there will be enough room for the blower to drop down. There are 2 screws/bolts at the front of the ECU, one on each side, I have taken these off however there is something else holding the ECU in place as it will not slide out of its casing. It feels like something right at the back but I can't see or feel anything.

any advice please on how to get the ECU out ?

Thank you !

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Hi....welcome to the Forum


I too have recently tackled a similar task on a 2005 CRV and although I have not yet removed the heater motor I have diagnosed it as the motor at fault....power going to the motor but not working, has to be the motor.

Would be interested to know what you eventually find it to be as I have to tackle this job in the near future

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