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07 Honda Accord Tourer 2.2 icdti Help Please

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I bought my Accord in November with a boost issue...low power and black smoke so my husband replaced boost pipes and vac pipes, made no difference, so we have replaced...


Turbo (second hand)

Intercooler and pipes

Egr (second hand but fully tested)

MAP sensor

MAF sensor

Fuel Filter (Genuine Bosch one)

Air Filter


The black smoke has gone (yipee) but still no power and totally gutless and loses power when going up hill (husband says it feels like mass air flow issue, but this has been replaced with brand new one).


We are at a total loss as to what to do now...no codes are pinging up at all.


It had a remap with Celtic Tuning a few years ago, but I have no info other than a really vague reciept, which basically says remap and the cost. 


I'm hoping someone could maybe help, husband works for NHS and could really do with the car working properly. 


Many Thanks





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Hi Emma....welcome to the Forum

The 2.2 cdti engine is usually completely reliable but your husband has replaced anything that could have been causing the issues you mention.

The only thing that sounds doubtful is that the ECU has been remapped and this may be the problem if something has occurred in the programming. 

You could possibly give them a ring to see if they know if the remap could be an issue.

When did the problems really start or was it gradual thing over time?

One other area to examine would be the exhaust, if this was blocked then it would strangle the engine.....build the revs up so that the turbo is boosting and see how much exhaust gas pressure is coming out of the tailpipe....it should be enough to push your hand back (be careful of gas being hot and wear a thick glove)


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