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Space Saver Spare

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Pleased with my 2019 Jazz, very roomy and easy to drive.
Looked in the boot and it has a compressor and sealant, no spare, no jack or wrench.
Not a problem, but I would rather have a spare so I went out and got a used Jazz space saver, jack & wrench
It fits in the wheel well easily but even though it's a slim 135 stands proud of the floor a bit......I can live with that.
Honda seem to have deleted the tapped hole so no point in buying the clamp to hold it down.
One thing that surpised me was this spare is claimed to be suitable for Jazz cars with 15" & !6" wheels, mine are 15" and the overall tyre diameter of this spare is smaller than my other tyres. The car will sit about 16mm lower on this spare which will be ok for limping back home or to the garage but I wouldn't go far on it.
Do you all rely on the sealant and compresser, is it reliable ? 
surely if you have a big enough puncture or tear it must be useless, and can the tyre be repaired or is it scrap with the sealant inside ?

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You can't substitute a good old fashioned spare wheel but fitting them on the roadside can sometimes be problematic and dangerous.
I use Slime which is a tyre sealant and put it in all my tyres (Cars, Bikes, Campervan) and have never had a puncture since (we're talking in over 10 years on some of the vehicles).

Its a preventative and works absolutely fine and is safe but wouldn't work if you took a huge chunk out of the tyre.

If it was me I would use both, Slime and have a spare in the boot just in case

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Hi Derkie, glad you're happy with your Jazz!


I couldn't drive a car without some form of spare wheel, my accord has a space saver although there seems to be plenty of room there, might measure up and see if I can fit a full size one day...


Glad you've bought one though...

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