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Coolant loss no visible leak

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Hello, I have bought Honda CRV 1998 automatic. And have coolant problem. Mechanic put new radiator, new cap, pressure tested = changed hoses that were leaking. Pressure test again no visible leaks at all, holding pressure fine. Now I still lose 100 - 150 ml of coolant after 40 kilometers that I drive per day. When engine is cold  next day morning I open radiator I see no coolant even after I squeeze that thick hose, but fits there only 100 or 150 ml of water /destiled of course/. If engine is hoter - 2 hours after driving and I open it I still can see little water after I squeeze that thick hose. Till morning it will be again no visible coolant even after squeezing that thick hose . /100 ml will be gone/.
Level of coolant in reservoir tank is still the same, dont moves. hoses are clear no blockage.
I dont have coolant in oil or oil in coolant,. when open cap on engine no signs for head gasket problem. No leak in cabin after heater is on, works fine. No water in exhaust, no white smoke. No noises like water pump problems.
There is still some rust in the system coming slowly after flushing because previous owner or his mechanic probably did not take good care of it /I see a little rust on radiator cap/. My mechanic said is still air in the system. Well they flushed it twice, no change.
Temperature while driving is stable all the time /in the middle, slightly behind/.
Couple of times happened that after 4 hours engine off I turned it on and temperature jumped immediately to the middle /its operational temperature/, after 200 meters dropped very little /2 milimeters/ and came back immediately and stayed there for rest of my short trip. 
Also in the morning after I turn the engine on car is still in Park position, and the temerature gets to its operational temeprature in the middle after about 3 or 4 minutes, slowly continuosly, but I think it is too fast.

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Hi....welcome to the forum


It depends how long ago all this work took place as sometimes it can some time for the level to settle.

If its not leaking internally or externally then I would imagine it is still air in the system.

The only way to ensure this is completely eradicated is to vacuum the cooling system and refill it under pressure.


Let us know if it settles down or if you are still losing coolant

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If it hasn't settled by next week then you have more than just air in the system I'd say

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