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Honda Jazz LHS drive shaft slipped out


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We were doing lower control arms on a 2007 Honda Jazz (5 door) and in the process the drive shaft slipped out we were trying to slip it back in by having it in gear and 1 person rotating the wheel on the good side whilst 1 person is pushing inwards on the slipped out side and it slipped in but it wiggles around when rotating the shaft, and binds up occasionally even in  neutral and wiggling it a bit back and forth it would get past the "bind" and the turn freely over that spot on for it to bind up some other place.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Hi.....welcome to the Forum


It sounds like the inner Constant Velocity (CV) joint has disassembled.
You would need to strip the boot back (without damaging it) and see if any bearings have dropped out and need refitting.

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