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Honda CRV Mk1 3000 mile round trip... What spares?

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Hi All


I live in Spain and we have a Mk1 CRV with 285,000km on the clock. Its Automatic and seems to work okay... although I am not 100% confident with it yet.

Its had a major service and the head gasket done, along with cambelt and fan bets etc. I notice the revs go quite low at times when at idle and sometimes it feels like it is holding back, I am convinced there are a few sensors that are on their way out but as yet it is not showing any fault codes.


In January I need to drive the car back to England and then back to Spain, in all about 3000 miles. Ive done the drive many times in old transit vans and land rovers but never in anything as new as this 2002 CRV, with all its "modern" sensors and things.

I would be grateful if you could suggest a range of items that I should take as spares (I can get them from local scrap yards) that are likely to be the most common needed. I will obviously take tools, an alternator and starter motor etc.


Im quite handy with cars generally but not experienced with the Honda... Although I brought it with a view of not needing to replace much based on the general good reviews of the CRV. 


Looking forward to hearing what you suggest..

Many Thanks



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Hi James.....welcome to the Forum


You should have no problems with the sensors on the Honda as they are very reliable generally.
Overall, I don't think you'll have any issues in general with the Honda as they are built well and completely durable.
Heater fan motors tend to fail but beyond that I can't think of anything else that could fail on the car as a whole.
Also, having the Head Gasket replaced and a major service you have covered most of the bases.


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